Hoop shoot Drug awareness update

Hoop shoot Drug awareness update                                                                                 01/17/2021

I hope this finds you all healthy and happy. 

I am deeply saddened to write to you about the non-participation of hoop shoot and Drug Awareness this year due to the effects of COVID-19 and the devastation it has caused.  We at the State level do not feel that there is any way we can possibly participate without putting our participants and volunteers at risks. Kelcie Carter and I have decided to team together to promote both programs since both are connected to our schools. With this being said we would still like each lodge to reach out to your schools and keep in touch with alumni families and volunteers. I am asking you to send a letter to your schools letting them know that we are still supporting the programs and looking forward to participating in both in the future. I am sending each lodge 2 cases of balls free of charge to you and Kelcie will be sending coloring books and brochures in anticipation that you will present these to your participating schools as a thank-you. A great way is to ask to deliver outside the school with principals PE teachers and or previous Hoop Shoot And Red Ribbon coordinators. I know most of our state’s schools are closed to visitors but may still happily accept a quick outdoor visit. Take pics and send them in to me with a brief write up.  There will be a Prize for the best show of effort. Check out your ENF pages for what’s happening with the programs and what they are doing around the Nation to promote Hoop Shoot and Drug Awareness. Each lodge still needs their chairman or Secretary to still enter a report on the  hoop shoot dashboard by entering 0 participants. The balls, coloring books and brochures will be sent directly to your lodges. Please contact me or Kelcie if you do not receive these within the next 6 weeks. Due to shipping delays it may take that long. Thank you all for your continued support and efforts to promote our Amazing youth programs. If you have any questions or concerns ease feel free to reach out via phone or email

Brenda Shaw 801-358-0993


Kelcie Carter 801-358-8807