Camp Wapiti

ATTN: Camp Wapiti Clean-up

Hello All,

I hope this email finds you all in good health. The county health department here in Tooele has the camp pretty well locked down to no more than eight people on-site until mid-June or early July. In addition, we have had several camp cancellations that were scheduled early in the summer. As a result of this the cleanup scheduled for May 16th is not going to happen because we will not be allowed to use the dining facilities or have all of us on site to do the clean-up.

If individual lodges would like to make arrangements to come down and clean up their cabins, they can contact me directly and we can schedule a time/day to get these done. Just remember that we can have no more than 8 people total on-site so plan accordingly. If things change, I will update everyone as to the changes.

I’m also sure I may have missed a few people that should have been copied on this email so feel free to forward it to whoever needs it and feel free to put the info in your newsletters.

Again, if things change for the better, I will let you know.

Thanks everyone,


Eric L. Crocker

Camp Wapiti Director